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Burkey Cup Tasting Kit

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The bracket is set, now it's up to you to discover your Burkey Cup champion! Can't decide which coffee reflects your character? Our Burkey Cup Taste-off Tasting Kit is the perfect gift to introduce Baden Coffee newbies to a selection of six of our bestselling roasts in a fun tasting game that pairs roasts brew-to-brew.

What's in the box?

  • 4oz Charlie's Secret, dark roast, organic, fairtrade
  • 4oz Sleepy Monk's Own, medium roast, organic, fairtrade
  • 4oz, Festival Roast, dark roast
  • 4oz Sandhills, medium roast
  • 4oz Castle Reserve, medium roast
  • 4oz, Peaks, light roast
  • 1 score card