Let's talk Espresso

What is espresso? Espresso isn't the coffee, the roast, or the origin, but is the name of the extraction method used to create the intense, rich coffee we all love. The use of pressurized steam to extract all the caffeinated goodness from a fine ground is what we call espresso. Any coffee can be used to make espresso as long as it is a fine ground which aids in the quick extraction of flavour and caffeine. We use Beantown Boogie in our Beantown Café which is a lighter and sweeter roast that makes for a smooth Americano. Typically, a bold dark roast is used as it stands up to all the creams and add-ins we throw at it. This is why we introduced Hwy 7/8 Espresso! A perfect dark roast for the at-home barista!

Any coffee can be used and each adds a unique flavour profile which may become your new 'house' roast. Here are some of the coffees that our customers love to use when they barista at home: