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September's Grumpy Roaster: Djimmah (Ethiopia)

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September's Coffee of the Month:


  • Region: Kaffa, Ethiopia
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1800 MASL
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Sensory Notes: Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Red Wine

    We’re staying in East Africa this month and heading to one of the most historical coffee growing regions in the world. Legend has it, that a goat farmer named Kaldi first discovered coffee after noticing an increase in his goat’s energy level when they ate the berries of a certain tree. Although coffee may have been popularized in Yemen, the coffee trees that Kaldi first discovered were in Kaffa, Ethiopia. Coupling this origin story with the natural processing of Djimmah, allows us to taste coffee in its oldest and purest form, just as nature intended. Berry and chocolate notes should be apparent throughout, with some hints of red wine along the way. Enjoy!

    – Cam, Master Roaster, Baden Coffee Company