Changes to Local Delivery

Starting April 16, 2023 – Changes to Local Delivery

To our valued customers,

During the pandemic we introduced ‘local delivery’ to ensure you received fresh coffee when line-ups and general human interaction was cause for concern (remember those days?). If you couldn’t come to us, we decided to come to you! Our local delivery service has always been tied to our wholesale route and schedule, so as things have returned to (dare we say) normal, the stresses on our delivery service have started to show. Longer routes for delivery staff, increased gas prices, auto repairs, and the stress of not running an efficient service for retail customers has led us to make some tough decisions and make changes to this offering.

  • The most significant change is that we are changing our definition of ‘local’ by reducing the ‘local’ zone radius to 40km to allow for a smaller coverage area and allow extra deliveries during the week. Those now outside this zone can either visit us, or use the Canada Post shipping option which often ranges between $15-$25. 
  • The local delivery fee is increasing to $15.00 for orders under $85.00
  • And the local delivery fee for orders above $85.00 will be FREE

Thank you for your patience and understanding as these changes come into effect April 16.

– Charlie, Cam, Barbara and the Baden Coffee team