Custom Services

Custom Roasts for Wholesale Customers

Are you a business looking to grow your coffee sales? Can't find a "stock" coffee on the market that you truly love? Look no further than Baden Coffee Company. We want you and your customers to have the best cup of coffee possible – one that reflects your own character and that of your business. We offer cupping sessions where you get to taste, compare and select the coffee that will be your perfect House Roast. We've helped hundreds of local businesses choose their signature roasts from large restaurant chains to small independent shops. Contact us today and we'll help you find that perfect coffee with character.

For a list of products we offer our wholesale customers, please click here.

Wedding Favours

Custom Wedding Labels

Let Baden Coffee Company be part of your special day! We offer coffee in smaller weights (2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz) which is the perfect way to say thank you to all your guests. We also carry two stock label designs that can be customized with your name and wedding date. Download pricing here. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

Promotional Giveaways

Are you a real estate agent? A small business? Someone looking to say 'thank you' to their customers in a lovely, caffeinated way? Similar to our wedding favours, we offer smaller weight bags to give your clients as a special thank you present (or some prefer to give away full pounds!). With a minimum order of 100 labels, you can work with our designer to come up with a unique label design that reflects your message and brand. Your customer will never forget the great coffee you gave them. Contact us today and let's get started!