Rheo Thompson Candies

Rheo Thompson's Mint Smoothie® Bar

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This is it — the iconic chocolate that built the Rhéo reputation and became the unofficial ‘official’ chocolate of Stratford. So what is so great about it?

Frankly, everything! The quality of chocolate, the delicacy of the natural mint flavour, and the smooth texture of the filling.

No other mint chocolate has that mouth-filling ‘smoothie’ center, soft without being gooey, fudge-like without being overly sweet or too dense. Just … smooth. You really have to bite into one to know. And the mint! Even people who don’t really like mint, love these Mint Smoothies® because most people when they taste real mint, from mint leaves, find it softer and more subtle. This really is minty chocolate heaven.

Weight: 49g chocolate square bar